Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Puneyn: warred village, resettled

[Thanks to Dave S's comment on the Evretou photo blog, I will try to give each site photo blog a proper introduction; until then, I'll cross-post the introductory posts from Cultural Heritage in Conflict (or samarkeolog).]

In my fieldwork notes, I recorded that,
Puneyn or Püneyn... was evacuated in 1993, but only destroyed five years later in 1998; it, too, has been resettled.
I've completed my personal page on the last of the resettled, warred villages I was able to visit in northern Kurdistan/south-eastern Turkey, Puneyn: cultural heritage and community, which comprises photographs, descriptions and some observations on the nature of the material and its implications for the study of Cypriot "abandoned villages" in my work.

[This was originally posted on samarkeolog on 18th June 2007.]

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