Sunday, 17 June 2007

Puneyn buildings 5: in front are the foundations of an old home destroyed by the Turkish military, which are now so overgrown that the resettled community's poultry has them as a feeding ground; I don't know whether the run of stones from its right corner off the right side of the photograph were from a wall, but I suspect that they formed a path to the house's entrance.

Behind that are the standing remains of an old stone-built home; if you can imagine soil hillocks following that form (four hillocks, one over each of the corners, perhaps a fifth in the miccle if the structure collapsed inwards), you can imagine what the remains of some of the completely concealed sites, like the old town of Van, looked like before they were concealed.

Those standing remains are still attached to the (I think) two remaining old stone buildings, which show how they would have appeared before their destruction by the Turkish military. (On the far right is a newly-built house.)

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